Laser surgery

Laser surgeryCats Only Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer CO2 laser surgery. Compared with the traditional scalpel, we have seen excellent results! Laser surgery has benefits for both the patient and surgeon and these benefits are recognized in both human and veterinary medicine. So why do we prefer laser surgery?

  • Reduced pain – As the laser cuts, it seals nerve endings. As a result, there is less pain during the procedure and post-operatively.   Our hospital is very aggressive with pain management.  In addition to pain medications, laser surgery is another tool we use to achieve adequate pain control in our patients. 
  • Less bleeding – In addition to sealing nerve endings, the laser seals (or cauterizes) small blood vessels as is cuts.  As a result, there is less bleeding during the procedure, better visualization during surgery for the surgeon, and less post-operative bandaging.
  • Precision – The laser beam allows our doctors to make very precise and accurate incisions. 
  • Reduced post-operative swelling – The laser enables the surgeon to minimize the handling of delicate tissues as there is no physical contact between the laser and surgical area.  As a result, tissue tearing and bruising is minimized as well as post-operative swelling.
  • Faster recovery – In addition to less pain and bleeding, there is also less swelling.  As a result, our patients have faster recoveries with fewer side effects.  This in turn translates into a shorter hospital stay so our patients can be at home with their families.

We are truly amazed how our patients have responded to laser surgery when compared to traditional methods.  We are positive that you will notice the difference as well.  Please visit our Surgical Services Page for additional information. 

Additionally, every patient will be monitored with our NEW anesthesia monitoring equipment.  The following parameters are monitored throughout anesthesia:  (1) blood oxygen levels, (2) blood carbon dioxide levels, (3) blood pressure, (4) EKG, (5) heart rate, (6) respiratory rate, and (7) temperature.  Each patient has the benefit of state-of-the-art laser surgery AND state-of-the-art anesthesia monitoring equipment.

Class IV Laser Therapy

Additionally, all of our patients will enjoy the benefits of Class IV Laser Therapy post-operatively.  After surgery, laser therapy will be applied to the incision to speed up healing time and promote a faster recovery.  More more inforamtion, please visit our Class IV Laser Therapy webpage.

Our Anesthesia Monitoring Equipment

If you have any questions about laser surgery for your cat, please do not hesitate to contact us!!

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