Work Here!

Work Here!

Work at the hospital voted 2021 Best Veterinarian in Montgomery County. Cats Only is always looking for talented, enthusiastic individuals to join our growing hospital. Below are the positions we currently have open. Please email your resume to We look forward to speaking with you!

Veterinary Receptionist

Cats Only Veterinary Hospital is looking for a full-time veterinary receptionist to join our health care team. We are looking for an enthusiastic, detail-oriented, computer-literate, caring individual. Daily responsibilities include, but are not limited to, answering phone calls, using our veterinary computer software (we are a paper-less hospital), scheduling appointments, checking in and checking out clients, general housekeeping and giving a helping hand when needed. You must be able to work closely with our assistants, technicians and doctors in order to provide exceptional health care. You will be required to know our hospital protocols and take part in client education. You will have an active role in our hospital protocols, growth, and change. Candidates should pride themselves on providing exceptional client service. Our clients should have an above average experience from the moment they step in our hospital until the moment they drive away. Please visit our website to gain a sense of what is means to be a COVH team member. If we sound like a good fit for you, please e-mail your resume.

Veterinary Technician / Nurse

Are you a veterinary technician/nurse looking for a opportunity to work with a great team? Join our progressive, fast paced, AAHA-accredited hospital that offers full medical services as well as boarding. Since 1987, our hospital has stood out by offering exceptional client service and unmatched medical services including laser surgery.

We are seeking a highly motivated, client focused veterinary technician to complement our medical staff. The ideal candidate will be a team player, has the ability to multi-task, possesses a well-rounded technical skill set (i.e. venipuncture, cystocentesis, placing IV catheters, administering medications), and has a passion for delivering exceptional care to patients as well as clients. Responsibilities include assisting the doctor, ensuring quality care of our patients, monitoring and treatment of hospitalized and boarding patients, assisting with appointments and diagnostics, and monitoring patients during surgical and dental procedures. Computer knowledge is required as we are a paperless practice using Avimark software.

Pay and benefits are tailored to each candidate depending on experience and their preferences. If we sound like a good fit for you, please e-mail your resume.


Our comprehensive physical examinations serve a number of purposes. Together with a detailed history, our doctors will formulate a Medical Plan specifically for your cat based on their findings.


Our hospital only uses non-adjuvanted, PureVax vaccines. An adjuvant is added to a vaccine to stimulate the immune system.  Unfortunately, many cats have bad reactions to adjuvanted vaccines.

Prevention Services

Preventative Healthcare is a major focus of Cats Only Veterinary Hospital. Our Preventative Healthcare approach is tailored to each individual cat with regards to their specific environment, lifestyle, nutrition, potential risks, and other considerations.

Laser Surgery

Most of our surgical procedures utilize the benefits of laser surgery. All of our routine surgeries (neuter, spay, declaw) utilize this technology and the results are truly remarkable.

Class IV Laser Therapy

Cats Only Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer state-of-the-art Class IV Laser Therapy for a drug-free, surgery-free, pain-free treatment for your cat. Laser Therapy has been used for over 40 years in human medicine and has recently entered into the veterinary field.

Dental Healthcare & Surgery

Approximately 70% of cats over the age of 2 to 3 have some degree of periodontal disease (tartar, plaque, gingivitis, tooth resorption). Each comprehensive physical examination will include an evaluation of your cat’s mouth.

Hospitalization & Imaging

In some instances, we may recommend hospitalization for your cat. Our hospital is equipped with a number of monitoring equipment and services


Our feline friends cannot (or do not) tell us when they are unwell. We often use blood and urine tests along with a detailed history and comprehensive physical examination to help us determine if there is a problem internally.


Leaving for a vacation? Visiting family for the holidays? Need to travel for a business trip? Worried about your feline family members while you are away? Don’t be. Our cat friendly, quiet, cozy boarding facility is the Purrrrrfect choice for your feline family members while you are away.


For your convenience, our hospital stocks commonly used medications. We strive to only use medications that are labeled for cats.


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