For your convenience, our hospital stocks commonly used medications. With each new medication dispensed, you will receive a medication information sheet that describes (1) every known, potential side effect with that particular medication (even if the side effect is rare), (2) a brief summary of the medication, (3) how the medication should be stored at home, and (4) future monitoring recommendations. There will also be a website that you can search for additional information on the medication if desired. We even tell you the key words to search for so you are spending most of your time reading, instead of searching. We want our clients to be knowledgeable about how the mediation works, why it was dispensed, and what you should monitor at home. Even though most of the side effects are very rare, we still would like you to be aware. We have done most of the work for you and we are always happy to discuss the information if you have any questions or concerns.

Veterinarian-Client-Patient-Relationship (VCPR)

In order to prescribe a medication and some preventatives, we need to have examined your cat in a reasonable time frame.  We follow the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) guidelines and you may review them below:

avma                     avma

Why purchase medications through us?

There are several reasons why purchasing a medication through us is beneficial to you and your cat:

  • We have it in stock so that we may begin treatment right away.
  • We have the correct concentration or size of the medication.  Since cats are small, it is often times difficult to find a medication in the correct size from a human pharmacy.
  • We use medications that have been researched/studied in cats.
  • We can answer your questions/concerns about the medication.  Typically, human pharmacists do not know or are not familiar with mediations and their effects in cats.
  • We can demonstrate how to give your cat a medication and offers tips on doing so.
  • We will educate you on how to store the medication.  Some medications require refrigeration or protection from light.  If a medication is not stored properly, it may become ineffective at some point.

Click on the link below for some frequently asked questions about purchasing medications:


Online pharmacies – buyer beware…

When you receive a medication for your cat through our hospital, you can be assured that (1) we have taken the responsibility to ensure the medication is correct and (2) we are acquiring our medications from reputable veterinary distributors.  When you purchase a medication online, all bets are off. A number of agencies have given warnings to consumers about the risks involved in purchasing medications online and they can be viewed below:

 fda                    avma


Our comprehensive physical examinations serve a number of purposes. Together with a detailed history, our doctors will formulate a Medical Plan specifically for your cat based on their findings.


Our hospital only uses non-adjuvanted vaccines. An adjuvant is added to a vaccine to stimulate the immune system to react to the vaccine and thus increase the effectiveness of the vaccine (i.e. to make antibodies to protect your cat in the future).

Prevention Services

Preventative Healthcare is a major focus of Cats Only Veterinary Hospital. Our Preventative Healthcare approach is tailored to each individual cat with regards to their specific environment, lifestyle, nutrition, potential risks, and other considerations.

Laser Surgery

Most of our surgical procedures utilize the benefits of laser surgery. All of our routine surgeries (neuter, spay, declaw) utilize this technology and the results are truly remarkable.

Class IV Laser Therapy

Cats Only Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer state-of-the-art Class IV Laser Therapy for a drug-free, surgery-free, pain-free treatment for your cat. Laser Therapy has been used for over 40 years in human medicine and has recently entered into the veterinary field.

Dental Healthcare & Surgery

Approximately 70% of cats over the age of 2 to 3 have some degree of periodontal disease (tartar, plaque, gingivitis, tooth resorption). Each comprehensive physical examination will include an evaluation of your cat’s mouth.

Hospitalization & Imaging

In some instances, we may recommend hospitalization for your cat. Our hospital is equipped with a number of monitoring equipment and services. The following is a short list of services and equipment that may be required:


Our feline friends cannot (or do not) tell us when they are unwell. We often use blood and urine tests along with a detailed history and comprehensive physical examination to help us determine if there is a problem internally.


Leaving for a vacation? Visiting family for the holidays? Need to travel for a business trip? Worried about your feline family members while you are away? Don’t be. Our cat friendly, quiet, cozy boarding facility is the Purrrrrfect choice for your feline family members while you are away.


For your convenience, our hospital stocks commonly used medications. With each new medication dispensed, you will receive a medication information sheet that


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