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We will be closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day to allow our team time to celebrate the holidays with their families.

Thanksgiving Guide for Pet Owners

As you prepare to welcome guests, decorations and treats into your home this holiday season, remember that your pet might need some help adjusting to the excitement. Spread holiday cheer […]

COVID-19: PA Positive Cat

On October 20th, the Department of Agriculture’s state veterinarian announced the first confirmed COVID-19 positive cat in Pennsylvania from Cumberland County. The cat resided in a household with multiple positive […]

COVID-19 Update: New York Positive Cats

Now that the dust has settled a little bit, we can all take a deep breath and look at where we are in regards to the health and safety of […]

Coronavirus Update: The Tiger

This week brings another news story about a big cat testing positive for SARS-CoV-2. A tiger from the Bronx Zoo was confirmed SARS-CoV-2 positive by the USDA National Veterinary Services […]

Coronavirus: Cats & COVID-19

There are two new cat-specific updates this week as the global COVID-19 pandemic continues. We encourage you to read the previous coronavirus blogs and check back here often as we […]

Coronavirus: The Cat In Belgium

You may have heard about a cat in Belgium “infected” with COVID-19 showing digestive and respiratory signs. This cat’s vomit and feces tested PCR positive for SARS-CoV-2. The cat lived […]

Coronavirus Update 3

Please read the previous coronavirus blogs from the past few weeks for additional information. We have been discussing the 2 quarantined dogs in China where 1 dog tested “weak positive” […]

Coronavirus Update 2

Please read the coronavirus blog from last week for basic information. Last week we discussed the fact that a dog tested “weak positive” for coronavirus last month. The same dog […]


We’ve been getting a lot of questions about coronavirus and the health implications for cats. Currently, this is a human health issue. There is no indication that cats can become […]


Hairballs are never normal. Ah hem, I’ll repeat…Hairballs are never normal! When we look at feral cat populations, the incidence of vomiting up a hairball is very uncommon. Yes, it […]

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Pet Food Labels Part 2

As discussed last month, a pet food label is a legal document rather than giving you useful information about your cat’s diet. Check out the previous Blog: FOOD FOR THOUGHT: […]

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Pet Food Labels Part 1

The information on your cat food label is misleading and does not give you an adequate representation of the quality of the food you just purchased. You cannot (and should […]